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MindFusion.Mapping for WinForms

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MindFusion.Mapping comprises a Windows Forms control and a class library that provides your application with great features for loading, customizing and displaying any type of regional, national or world map. Easy to integrate and program, this control gives you the power to build the perfect map according to your needs with minimal time and efforts from your side. You can:

add labels to map elements
access database data associated with map elements
choose the color scheme
set decorative elements like images, icons etc.

Maps can be loaded from ESRI Shapefile and OpenStreetMap files. The library includes impressive variety of *.shp files, which give you valuable data for any country in the world as well for selected cities, rivers, roads and other geographic objects. Data for the attributes of map elements can be loaded from a DBF file associated with each map. The control supports multiple layers so you can show several maps in a single view.

MindFusion.Mapping is installed with various samples in C# and VB.NET that demonstrate all important features of the control and significantly shorten the time needed to learn how to use it. The help file also includes step-by-step guides and tutorials. The API is documented in details and both offline and online documentation is provided. The control and the map files included in the package are royalty free.