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ODABA is an terminology-oriented database
management system (TODBMS OODBMS DBMS) on a high conceptual level. It provides a number of enhanced
features based on natural language analysis. Beside the database kernel a number of tools
are provided for database design, documentation and fast development.The new ODABA generation - ODABA appears with a number of new technical features, a comfortable scripting
language and completely redesigned tools. ODABA is not only a powerful database management
system (DBMS), but provides also technologies and tools which allow increasing software
development productivity by 200-500%. But ODABA also fulfills technical standard
requirements as comfortable locking and transaction mechanisms, several client/server models
(Internet database server inclusive), different data storage formats etc.As terminology-oriented DBMS ODABA supports the conceptual requirements of the ODMG 3.0
standards for object-oriented databases. In order to fulfill terminology requirements, ODABA
provides conceptual extensions as set relations, weak-typed collections, or the ownership
concept, supports defining transient properties, which are evaluated at run-time or storing
multilingual information in generic attributes.Applications close to reality - ODABA extends the object-oriented DBMS to a terminology-oriented DBMS. ODABA applications are steered
completely by expert's or user's terminology. Names for application elements (forms and
controls), but also names for object model elements (types and properties) and functions
reflect the customers terminology and are familiar to the users. Thus, misunderstandings
will be reduced and the quality of applications improves. Applications simply correspond
more to reality. Manifold interfaces Beside an exhaustive C++ and .NET API ODABA provides a
JAVA/C++ like script language OSI.