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With the amount of video content growing at an exponential rate, companies and individuals start looking for convenient ways of managing it more efficiently and protecting their copyrights. At the same time, publishers want to be able to minimize the amount of duplicate content on their media servers and be able to embed dynamic video ads into video content to monetize traffic. All of this requires advanced video analysis and management technologies and all of this can be achieved with the help of Video Fingerprinting SDK!
Video Fingerprinting SDK is an ultimately powerful video analysis and fingerprinting toolkit based on cutting-edge motion detection, scene analysis and motion estimation technologies. In essence, it's a descriptor of a video signal that generates unique signatures for each video and enables users to manipulate them in any way possible. For instance, video fingerprinting can help media publishers detect duplicate videos on their servers and get rid of them. Or, it can help video hosting services detected pirated content and prevent its submission to the server. With video fingerprinting, you can even detect video fragments embedded into other videos, thus preventing unauthorized use of protected content. Finally, video fingerprinting is irreplaceable for video advertising, where it can be used for accurate integration of commercials into video streams of all sorts. All of this can be done regardless of the manipulations that the original content may have undergone - that is, change of resolution, codec, bitrate and other key parameters.
Video Fingerprinting SDK enables users to implement the latest video fingerprinting technology into their products by paying just once. Video signatures occupy a minimum of disk space (around 1 KB per second of video) and can be compared extremely quickly - in just a little over 1 millisecond for two 10-second signatures. Video Fingerprinting SDK comes with full documentation and code samples for your convenience.