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ESurvey CAD is a comprehensive software solution for Civil Survey Engineers for creating Contours Quickly, Section Generation for Volume Calculation, Earthwork Quantities (Quantity Takeoff) and Converting point data into Topographical map.
Key Features:

Import point data from CSV or drawing
Import blocks automatically while creating drawing
Export codes, point data in different layer selectively
Create Total station data from CAD drawing
Selectively Auto Connect codes in CAD

Import data from CSV, Excel or CAD for Contour generation
Generate Contours directly within CAD
Draw Section for any alignment fixed on the Contour Map
Generate Contour Area and Contour Volume instantly - Boundary Based / Specific Levels
Generate Grid Elevations (Block Levels)

Annotate Contours - Endpoints, Midpoints, Selected Points, Specified Intervals
Draw Grid Elevations from existing Contours
Detailed Layerisation

Import data from CSV/CAD and Generate Section Drawings with Earthwork Calculation
Generate Earthwork calculation with fixed formation level or between two surfaces
Generate interim Earthwork reports during progress of projects
Generate detailed quantity calculation (Quantity takeoff) reports either using Tripizoidal method or Block method
Generate Elevation grids or Block levels without getting into complicated surface creation
Generate Earthwork Calculation reports between given Depth of cut or Depth of Fill
Automatic calculation of Optimum Fixed Formation level

Save considerable time while generating drawing from field data.
Detailed Layerised Output helps to process the drawing easily
Avoid Creating terrain for Contour generation Separately
Generate Presentable Quality Smooth contours Quickly
Lightweight contours thereby reducing the drawing file size
Generate Boundary, Grid Elevation, Grid annotation, Contours, Contour annotation in Single step.