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MSI to EXE setup maker software is a professional solution to converting Window installer to exe setup package and provide wizard like easy interface facility to save converted exe setup at any user specified location in your computer or any other storage devices. MSI to EXE installer setup package builder utility is a powerful setup creator tool to generate exe (executable file) files from Windows installer (MSI) files. EXE setup generator software converts Microsoft installer package to executable files in a just single click. MSI setup to EXE package maker application creates software product in executable file extension from Microsoft installer package using Visual studio .NET framework. EXE installation setup converter program is powerful, fully professional and reliable setup creator software. MSI to EXE creator software generate .exe extension file from .msi file formats without changing originality, functionality, structure and working of the MSI package. MSI to EXE creator software is effective, economic yet powerful application converter technique for Software developers and Program coders. MSI to exe setup package builder utility supports various Microsoft windows operating system edition including 98, 2000, NT, ME, XP and all available version of Vista.
Features: *MSI installer to EXE installation package converter software converts Microsoft .NET framework package into executable (EXE) file format.
* Setup generator software create exe installation package from msi installer files that contains all original functionality, internal data flow process, physical designs of previous MSI files.
* MSI to EXE setup maker software provides facilities you to save converted executable file at any user specified location in PC or Laptop or any other storage devices.
* Setup maker program provide attractive graphical user interface to use and operate the software.