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MSI to EXE Creator is one of the best setup maker utility to create executable file from Microsoft Windows installer setup wizard. Migrator utility provides flexible and easy converter program that converts executable (.exe) setup files by using the original Microsoft installer (.MSI) files format with the basic functionality and structure of your application remains unchanged during conversion process. EXE setup builder application easily converts .NET framework installer files (.msi) into executable files (.exe) format in an efficient manner. MSI to EXE file converter software converts .msi file package into .exe setup format in just a single click. Setup maker utility is helpful for programmer or coders who want to convert .MSI installer setup package into equivalent .EXE format. MSI to EXE setup converter software efficiently support all major windows 98 ME XP 2000 server and Vista operating systems.
* Provide facility to convert Microsoft Visual Studio .NET framework MSI installation setup packages to equivalent and similar exe installer format.
* Convert MSI in EXE file format just by one simple click.
* Easy, user friendly and single click MSI to EXE setup creator program can be operated without requiring any technical knowledge.
* Build and create exe file format using MSI setup package.
* Software having facility to save the converted exe file at user specified location for further use.
* Online help manual is provided with the software for user’s assistance simple to use and easy to understand.