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Software Installer Setup Maker generates self extracting EXE file setup to deploy created Windows application over internet or other media. Setup creator utility has capability to create install and uninstall setups of your computer software. Setup builder application is specially designed for the software developers and programmers who want to create effective small size setup of any software that takes less memory space and easy to save and install. Setup generator program helps to place all your executable files data into single self extracting executable file format. Windows installer wizard includes the entire detail of your designed program including Registry details, added files details, Destination path details etc. Software provides facility to save the created setup of any software at user specified location and provides facility to maintain the program originality while creating software setup.

Software Features:

1. Provides complete information of software including software name, version, company name etc.
2. Setup maker utility provides install as well as uninstall setup building facility for your application.
3. Creates small size installer setup which is easy to save and distribute among multiple users over internet.
4. Software provides facility to create customized software setup by including license agreement, by launching desktop icon etc.
5. Setup builder program provides option to specify registry details including software and hardware information while creating executable file.
6. Software supports creation of shortcuts anywhere, including in the Start Menu and on desktop.