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Android Survey Maker PS Lite

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Build an unlimited number of Android surveys & forms in minutes. The survey creator gives you access to many question types. You send your built surveys to your Android smart phones or tablets in seconds with our Cloud synchronisation app.

- Native Android NOT Web Based.

This system is NOT a web based on-line survey tool. It's a professional survey development tool that creates surveys that run on Android smart phones and tablets. It runs in off-line mode, until you want to transmit data back to your desktop PC. It's fast and responsive with NO Internet lags.

PS Developer Lite is for serious survey developers who want to get data back in CSV format for use with other analysis tools like STATA, SPSS, Excel, SQL etc., not for trivial questionnaires (although it will do those too!).

If after trying the desktop survey designer, you think it is suitable for you needs contact us, to either buy the software, or ask for our free 14-day evaluation so you can deploy your surveys on your Android device, and see how they run on our PS Mobile app.

Although you develop your survey on a desktop PC, and you can test it very quickly using the survey simulator, deploying to an actual mobile device is very easy and only takes seconds with our Cloud synchronisation service.

- Advanced Question Types.

Our Android survey creator offers many different question types presented sequentially, end-user selection order, or as multiple questions on scrollable forms.

- Menus Select One
- Menus Select Many (Ticklist)
- GPS: Latitude Longitude, Altitude
- Likert Rating Scales
- Date, Time, Stopwatch
- Photographs
- Numeric
- Free Format Text
- Formatted Text
- Barcodes
- Messages (Plain & HTML Formatted)
- Skip Logic Jumps and Section Branching
- RFID Tags

Create industrial strength/complex mobile surveys for Android devices with this offline survey creator. No Internet to slow you down.