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3D Graphics 102 (Texture and Lighting)

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3D e-Learning for Individuals and Educators

Learn advanced concepts in 3D Graphics

Pre-requisites: 3D Anatomy 101, 3D Graphics 101
Description: Learn advanced concepts in 3D Graphics
Difficulty: Intermediate to Advanced
Duration: 13 Lessons (approx)
Assignments: 1 major modelling project
Exam: 1
Software: 3D Model Builder (Texture and Lighting)
Available for: Any Windows PC, "netbook" (XP) or Mac (OSX)
Delivery: On-line (or contact us for off-line content)

Learning Outcomes
* A triangle can have up to 3 color values
* 24 bit color is RGB and 32 bit color is RGBA format
* RGBA stands for "red, green, blue, alpha"
* 24 and 32 bit color can display 16.7 million possible colors
* Painting a triangle requires "texture mapping" and UV's
* 3D triangles have a "front face" and a "back face"
* 3D systems often cull "back facing" triangles
* "Normals" are an invisible yet important part of a 3D model
* A lighting/shading calculation is performed using "normals"
* Smooth shading requires 3 normals per triangle
* A triangle can have "alpha" values in the color to define transparency
* A triangle can have up to 3 "alpha" transparency values, one per point
* Transparency can also be defined within a "texture map" image
* Multiple "texture map" images can be applied to a set of triangles
* Reflection calculation is also performed using "normals"

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