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VisualStat is a comprehensive and versatile desktop statistics package that is simple for beginners, yet powerful enough for experts. It incorporates all the descriptive statistics, parametric and nonparametric statistical methods, charts and data transforms you will need for processing, analyzing and presenting data. All test results have an associated report which provides a short conclusion and other descriptions to assist in the interpretation.

VisualStat is a major integrated development environment for R, allowing users to run R scripts and commands directly inside VisualStat. R output can be retrieved as native VisualStat output, and managed via highly flexible VisualStat containers. All VisualStat DataBook are manipulated as the R DataFrame, without any import/export procedure. Provides a platform-independent basic-statistics GUI (graphical user interface) for R, based on the many package.

Statistical features:
Basic statistics: Univariate stat, Frequencies, CrossTabs, T-Test,Fisher F-test
Chi-square: odds ratio, Pearson, Bowker, McNemar, Likelihood-Ratio, Mantel-Haenszel, GOF
Exact Tests: Binomial, Proportions, Fisher, Sign test
Parametric Methods: t-Tests, Z tests, Sign test, F test, Shapiro-Wilk, Shapiro-Francia
Regression: Linear, polynomial, logistic, stepwise, Cox, Kendall, Spearman, residual, GLM
ANOVA: MANOVA, Analysis of means, Multiple comparisons - Tukey, Dunnett, Scheffé, Bonferroni
Non-parametric: Mann-Whitney, Kolmogorov-Smirnov, Kruskal-Wallis, Wilcoxon, Friedman
Multivariate: PCA, Cluster analysis, Correspondence analysis, Biplot for PCA & MCA
Spreadsheet features: Reads Excel-SPSS-MiniTab-Stata, Query databases with ODBC,
DataBook, multiple sheets, Formulas, multiple columns/rows headers, Auto DragAndDrop
Data manipulation: merge, subset, sort, transpose, split, stack, unstack, recode
Charts: histograms, Bar, Pie, Line, HiLo, Candle, Polar, Error, Box-and-Whisker
Export in many file formats, including jpg, bmp, emf, png