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Archibald's Adventures

Rake in Grass
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Archibaldā€˜s Adventures offers gameplay mixed of action and puzzle elements
with gradually rising complexity. The player starts as a boy on skateboard,
but soon he will roll in robotic vehicle capable of riding on walls and
ceilings, fly on jet device or remotely control mysterious floating bubble
able to switch distant mechanism or transport objects.

Help Archie to overcome all of the pitfalls of the Dr. Klumpfus mansion
in this funny action puzzle game. Test your skills and wit in more than
100 uncanny levels!

Archie and crazy Professor Klumpfus are stuck in the professor's mansion.
The latest experiment of the goofy scientist went all wrong, and weird
lifeforms escaped from their containment. Now a paranoid central computer
locked both heroes up!

The main features:

- Go through 114 levels in this mind blowing action puzzle platform game
- Experience innovative gameplay with many unique features of the hero:
transportation of objects, riding on walls and ceilings, flying with a jet
armchair and more
- Use your wit and fast reaction to avoid nasty dangers of the mad
scientist's mansion
- Use the professor's device pod to climb the walls or his artificial
intelligence matter to solve riddles
- Encounter lots of weird and funny lifeforms running loose in the levels!
- Enjoy the great playability with a mouse or a keyboard