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Rod Gerstad
Windows, Unix, Linux
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Minestein is a Minesweeper game that has puzzles which can be solved entirely by logic. It ha a two stage hint system and can provide puzzles with a minimum difficulty rating as measured in 3BV scores. The source code is included. It can also provide random puzzles like traditional Minesweeper games. Configurable options: Users can set: the grid size, the number of mines, the minimum 3BV score, select sets of standard puzzles, to use puzzles that can be solved by logic, to use puzzles that require guessing, which algorithms are used to create the puzzles and provide hints. Toolbar: The toolbar includes buttons to request a hint. The first click identifies a logically solvable cell. Then a second click sets the answer for the cell if the user cannot work out the solution. The toolbar also has buttons to provide the answer for a cell or the whole grid, and to start a new game.