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Fantasy Football Expert 2007

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Fantasy Football Expert is a software program developed to increase your chances of winning your fantasy football league. The software helps you improve your decision-making ability in order to squeeze every potential point from your fantasy football team.


- Strategies and techniques aimed at improving your total fantasy football points.

- Proprietary algorithm that calculates who should start at every position on a weekly basis.

- Weekly checklist of activities to focus you on the right information in order to maximize your fantasy points.

- A fantasy football points calculator that forecasts total fantasy points at the end of the season for any player.

- Tools to quickly assess the fantasy value of any player in the league.

- Tools to compare players against each other to determine which player has the highest fantasy football value.

- Tools you can use to evaluate fantasy football drafts, waived players and free agents.

- List of offensive and defensive schemes for all NFL teams and how to use this information to increase your fantasy football points.

- Tips and tools that show you how to win your fantasy football league.