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Do you feel like flipping some peanuts and challenging some squirrels in a bar soccer championship? Look no further. Peanut Soccer is a free sports game made to entertain and excite you. You are sitting at a bar and while you have nothing better to do, a couple of squirrels put up a mini golf on top of the table. Firstly you think you are drunk but hey, it is real! Those squirrels are challenging you for a match of soccer. Take some peanuts and flip them as hard as you can to hit that goal. And if those squirrels start to annoy your really bad, you may flip a peanut or two directly into their heads. Believe me they will have nothing left to make fun of. Hilarious little game that simply hooks you up. It is extremely funny and exciting like anything you have ever played before. Claim your free Peanut Soccer sports game now!