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Are you looking for free software that can transfer text file to attractive flip book? The Free Text to Flip Book Maker we provide today might meet your requires. It is a freeware we designed especially for text files. Document in text format is widely used in today's office as it is a good tool for editing words. But it is tedious to read a long text file. So we design this software for you to decorate text file. To use this software, you can make a beautiful interface and insert a template to transfer text document to flash flip book which can flip as real page. Sound file is also allowed to add into the book. Then the book content is much richer than simple test file. What's more, you don't need to install any program into your computer. You can just operate this software by opening the executable file that you can extract from the download package.

Key Features Introduction:

1. Import text file in high quality;
2. Define the buttons freely;
3. Show a Share button for sharing the flip book quickly;
4. Add a home button with an URL to the toolbar;
5. Import background images;
6. Import background music;
7. Set security password;
8. Embed Google Analytics ID into html output format;
9. Convert to flip book in html, zip, exe, or app format;
10. Burn the flip book to a CD;
11. Make mobile version for iPad, iPhone and Android mobile devices users.