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3D Box Shot Pro is fast. We mean really, really fast. Using a combination of pixel shader's and hardware accelerated OpenGL graphics, 3D Box Shot Pro renders in real time. This means that if you need to export very high resolution images from the program, you'll get the finished results in seconds rather than hours. This provides a massive boost to your productivity and helps to streamline your work flow.

You get an immediate view of your model in eyepoping detail, instantly in real time, rotate the model and adjust the perspective as you require. Whatever you do, you will see the results immediately.

3D Box Shot Pro does not use proprietary model formats. All of the models that appear in 3D Box Shot Pro are .3DS files. 3D Box Shot Pro can also import .3ds and .md2 model formats. As a result, you are not restricted to a small range of preset models. You can load in models created in any major modeling format and use these to create unique images that can be used on the web or in designs.
We can't over state this. Unlike other software for making box shot, 3D Box Shot Pro is not restricted to a small range of preset models. Other box shot software may only have a small range of models included. With 3D Box Shot Pro you can load more or less any .3ds model. In effect, 3D Box Shot Pro can work with hundreds of millions of 3d models created over the last decade.

We don't know of any other product with this particular feature. 3D Box Shot Pro can load it still images (including transparent .PNG files) and instantly allow you to manipulate the image in 3D! You can add soft shadows and realistic reflections to add life a sparkle to otherwise mundane images. This feature is great for creating eye catching product listing for eCommerce sites or eBay listings.