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Windows 7 DataBase

DataTech Systems
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DataBaseONE for Windows 7 - FREE DataBase that handles over One Million Records ! Probably the easiest database system you will ever use and it can hold over 1 million records! But do not be fooled by its simplicity - it gives you access to most of the day-to-day functions that you will ever need. Fast and FREE to use and contains NO Spyware or Adware! NO SOFTWARE TIME-OUT. Use it for as long as you like ! Start using DatabaseONE Now and cut your I.T. costs ! DataBaseONE is a ready-made Database - so there is no need for you to spend hours and hours designing and setting up tables, objects and logical links - just to be able to start entering data. You can use most of the DataBaseONE functionality for FREE right away! Includes: Key Communications facilities, Interface for Facebook, Bebo and others, Instant Reporting, Templates facility, Rapid Data Search - everything you need in a database without spending weeks designing one !