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Password Managers

IE Password Decryptor
IEPasswordDecryptor is the free tool to quickly and easily recover stored passwords from Internet Explorer. It can recover both Autocomplete and HTTP basic authentication based passwords from IE secret store.
Instant PDF Password Remover
Free PDF Password & Restrictions Removal Software
Apple iTunes Password Decryptor
Apple iTunes Password Recovery Software
LDAP Password Kracker
Free LDAP Password Recovery and Auditing Software
Linkedin Password Decryptor
All-in-one Linkedin Password Recovery Software
Mail Password Decryptor
All-in-one Mail Password Recovery Software
Messenger Password Decryptor
MessengerPasswordDecryptor is FREE all-in-one software to instantly recover passwords from popular messengers.
MSN Live Password Decryptor
MSN/Hotmail/Windows Live Messenger Password Recovery Software
Network Password Decryptor
NetworkPasswordDecryptor is the free tool to instantly recover the network passwords stored in the 'Credential Store' of Windows.
Opera Password Decryptor
OperaPasswordDecryptor is the free tool to instantly recover the passwords stored by all versions of Opera.
Outlook Password Decryptor
OutlookPasswordDecryptor is the FREE tool to instantly recover lost password for all versions of Outlook Application.
Router Password Kracker
Free Router Password Recovery Software
SX Password Suite
SXPasswordSuite is the complete collection of all the FREE password recovery softwares released by SecurityXploded.com.
Windows Password Kracker
Free Windows Login Password Recovery Software
Yahoo Password Decryptor
Yahoo Login Password Recovery Software
Effective Password Manager
Effective password manager is the perfect tool for storing all your most sensitive and valuable information like passwords, logins, pin codes and access codes as well as credit card and account numbers, lock combinations etc.
Private InfoKeeper
Private InfoKeeper provides an exceptional security for your data and a very convenient way to manage and use it. Security features: Uncracked AES 256bits encryption, Unpickable master password, Spyware immunity,Total web browser integration and more
A powerful Information Security Management tool that will protect the local administrator account across the network. Target multiple Administrator accounts based on the Security Identifier Descriptor (SID). Dynamically generated passwords.
A small utility to generate robust passwords of fixed length both pronounceable or with digits/caps/h4ck3r talk letters. Easy to use, easy to activate with Registration Wizard.
abylon KEYSAFE
The abylon KEYSAFE is an easy to use password manager. Open the KEYSAFE with password, chip card, memory stick or X.509 certificate. The software supports Drag&Drop, offer a random key generator and encrypt with Blowfish- or AES-algorithm.