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Password Managers

Passcape Win CD Keys
Powerful utility to recover lost license (CD) keys. The program wizard supports two recovery modes: automatic - recover CD keys of the current system; and manual - recover keys manually from Windows registry files.
Reset Windows Password
Advanced and powerful utility to reset lost Windows passwords. The program also has a number of unique features for recovering forgotten passwords, dumping hashes and wiping personal information.
Windows Mail Password Recovery
If you happen to forget your Windows Mail or Windows Live Mail mailbox password, don't worry. Windows Mail Password Recovery will help you to recover your lost data. The program has three recovery modes, good for newbies and gurus alike.
Windows Password Recovery
Windows Password Recovery tool is an ultimate password recovery and auditing solution based on unique multi-pass analysis algorithms and offering unsurpassed efficiency to inexperienced users and password-recovery experts alike.
Access Password Unlocker
Access Password Unlocker provides you an easy and instant way to recover passwords for MS 97-2007 databases. It can instantly unlock MDB files created in Office 97-2003 while recovering Access 2007 password fast with advanced search algorithm.
Excel Password Unlocker
Excel Password Unlocker provides you an easy and quick way to recover forgotten passwords for MS Excel 97-2010 files (*.xlsx, *.xls) at high speed. GPU acceleration and Multi-core CPUs are newly-added to speed up your Excel password recovery.
IM Password Unlocker
Change Instant Messenger password: recover the forgotten passwords to Instant Messenger. Including Windows Live / MSN passwords, Google Talk (GTalk) passwords and AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) passwords.
Internet Explorer Password Unlocker
Internet Explorer Password Unlocker reads Temporary Internet File to uncover the lost or forgotten web sites passwords: FTP password, hotmail password, email password, forum password, yahoo password, google password, ect
MS SQL Server Password Unlocker
MS SQL Server Password Unlocker accesses master.mdf, resets the lost or forgotten users and administrator passwords in Microsoft SQL Server 2008, 2005 or 2000
Office Password Breaker
Office Password Breaker integrates Word password remover and Excel password remover into one easy wizard. It helps you remove password and decrypt the content for Word documents (.doc) and Excel spreadsheets (.xls) created in MS Office 97/2000/2003.
Office Password Unlocker
Office Password Unlocker is a 4-in-1 Office password recovery tool to recover passwords for MS Office Word/Excel 97-2010 files, PPT2010/2007 files and Access 97-2007 files. GPU acceleration and Multi-core CPUs are supported for faster recovery.
Outlook Password Unlocker
A handy program to recover lost or forgotten password of mail and news accounts which stored in protected Personal Storage Files (*.pst) in Microsoft Outlook.
Password Unlocker Bundle Professional
Password Unlocker Bundle Professional is all-in-one password recovery bundle to recover passwords for Windows, RAR/ZIP archives, MS Office 97-2010 files, PDF files, IE and IM. NVIDIA and ATI GPU, Multi-core CPU and SSE supported for acceleration.
Password Unlocker Bundle Standard
Password Unlocker Bundle Standard is all-in-one password recovery bundle for 60+ programs and files, including Windows, RAR/ZIP archives, MS Office Word/Excel/PPT file, PDF files, IE and IM. Multi-core CPU and SEE supported for faster recovery speed.
Password Unlocker Bundle Ultimate
Password Unlocker Bundle Ultimate is an easy 14-in-1 password recovery bundle that resets/recovers passwords for Windows, RAR/ZIP archives, MS Office 97-2010 files, PDF files, IE and IM. NVIDIA and ATI GPU, Multi-core CPU and SSE are supported.
PDF Password Unlocker
PDF Password Unlocker can recover open password from encrypted PDF files (*.pdf) created with Adobe Acrobat and other PDF applications. It recovers PDF password faster than other similar programs through GPU acceleration, Multi-core CPUs, SSE, etc.
RAR Password Unlocker
RAR Password Unlocker allows you to quickly recover forgotten or lost passwords for RAR archives created by WinRAR and other tools. It allows you to recover RAR passwords faster than other tools using GPU acceleration, Multi-core CPU, SSE and more.
Windows Password Unlocker Enterprise
Windows Password Unlocker Enterprise helps you reset lost Windows local and domain administrator password. It allows you to regain access to computer by burning a bootable password reset CD/DVD or USB drive when you forgot Windows password.
Windows Password Unlocker Professional
Windows Password Unlocker Professional is reliable Windows password recovery tool which can easily help to burn a bootable password reset CD/DVD/USB flash drive to bypass lost or unknown Windows 8/7/Vista/XP/ 2008/2003/2000 password.
Windows Password Unlocker Standard
Windows Password Unlocker Standard enables you to reset Windows password at high speed with less disk space required, no matter what your computer OS is Windows 8/7/Vista/Windows XP or 2000 with a bootalbe CD/DVD.