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Remote Keystrokes Recorder
Keyboard activity recording tool tracks all keystrokes, visited websites, text emails into hidden encrypted log file and capable to send log file at specified email id. Keylogger application monitors PC keyboard activities.
Employee Monitoring Software
Software monitors all activities performed by user including all system activities like application accessed, emails, chat details etc. Employee Monitoring Software remains hidden in add or remove program list, start menu and other PC location.
Computer Monitoring
Visual surveillance technology invisibly inspects activities of external users working in office, home, college or somewhere else. Best keylogger application record all keyboard activities in encrypted log files that regularly sends report to admin.
How to Monitor Internet Activities
Advanced key logger software for How to Monitor Internet Activities, typed keyboard keys, clipboard content performed action, voice chat conversation information, composed or received instant messages, opened websites and many others in easiest way.
Monitoring Software
Smart Monitoring Software creates report of recorded activities in log file having txt or html file formats and save at user defined safe location. Keylogger tool efficiently examines files, text document and other accessed folder by outside user.
How Parental Control Monitoring Works
Application to know How Parental Control Monitoring Works for capturing overall unauthorized user performed activities details including typed keystrokes and composed or received instant messages information when you are not present in easiest way.
PC Monitoring
Hidden keystroke surveillance program keeps an eye on any changes made on computer sound clips, date, time etc. Affordable computer monitoring software restricts subsidiary user to access program setting with the help of password protection facility.
Keystrokes Monitoring Tool
Keylogger software store special keystrokes record user activities E-mail address visited website URLs chat history save secret passwords information invisible run desktop hidden add remove program create log file capture files folders with date time
Cell Phone Investigation Software
Download PDA mobile phone investigation utility extracts comprehensive details of windows mobile, smart mobile phone, pocket PC, PDA. Pocket PC analysis tool available with source code helpful for students and developers for research and development.
Keyboard Monitoring Software
Professional keyboard monitoring tool permits you to watch or capture internet activities, website login id, password, email etc. Keylogger software can record typed characters including keyboard special characters such as ctrl, alt, shift etc.
Mac Keylogger
Effective Mac keylogger software facilitates user to have record of user activity and work done on your mac operating system installed computer system or laptop machines by secretly recording system keystrokes of secondary user in absence.
Advanced PC Data Manager
Easy to use Advanced PC Data Manager records all system and internet activities such as visited websites, composed emails, online chat etc. Brilliant Keylogger program allows user to trace PC activities without any extra technical knowledge.
Download Keylogger
Widely accepted Keylogger software monitors complete PC and internet activities including login passwords, visited websites, emails etc. Amazing Download Keylogger software facilitates parents to keep an eye on web activities of their children.
Mac Monitoring Software Free
Company website www.drpusoftware.com provides advanced Mac Monitoring Software Free that gives facility to monitor all PC activities like accessed applications, visited website details, pressed keystrokes in surveillance mode.
Advance Keystrokes Recorder
System monitoring utility covertly traces screenshots, all typed characters and other user actions performed on your computer in your absence. Keystrokes recorder tool keeps record in encrypted log file which is inaccessible by all external users.
Pocket PC Mobile Forensic Tool
PDA surveillance application extracts windows OS based pocket pc information like text messages, database records, system registry files etc. Cost-effective mobile forensic utility examines Smartphone device within minute time and create text report.
1st Email Security
Stop leaving traces on the Internet while sending email messages, install Email Security!
GSA AV Guard
The GSA A/V Guard is a program designed to monitor a place by video or audio. It can be used to monitor your small child over audio to have a universal long distance baby phone. Furthermore you can monitor your office room by video.
LanAgent Standard
Monitor all computers in the local network with LanAgent. Sites visited, programs opened, clipboard contents, screenshots - all this data will be secretly recorded and sent to your computer at any time. Your employees are always in your focus!
EyeLine Video Surveillance Software
EyeLine is professional video recording software used to capture and store video from single or multiple cameras. It was designed for video monitoring of offices and buildings and logging of in-store cameras.