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Keyboard surveillance software (Keylogger) contains advance feature to capture screenshot of active windows program at regular interval of time and automatic send log information at user defined email address. Parental monitoring utility helps to monitor kid’s online activities as storing information of visited website URLs, search engine searches, typed email, login name, password, and chat conversation (using Yahoo, GTalk and other messenger) in password protected log file. Professional PC surveillance tool record all special keys (Shift, Ctrl, Tab, Esc etc) with different number and function keys. Undetectable keystroke tracking program hidden run at desktop background, not show in any windows application like task manager, add remove program, control panel etc and not slow down system performance. PC monitoring software enable user to restore its lost typed information of office documents (word, excel, access etc), notepad, WordPad and other similar documents in case of lost, corruption or accidental deletion of files. Software provides user friendly interface that support all Microsoft windows based operating system such as 98, 2000, 2003 server, NT, ME, XP professional, media center and all edition of Vista. Employee surveillance software allows watching out employees activities in any small or big organization.
Advance keylogger software features:
* Provide advance computer monitoring and screen capturing facility.
* Facilitate to periodically send log file at user defined email address.
* Record all key press information with special, number and function keys.
* Auto generates hidden, encrypted and password protected log file.
* Store activities of laptop, desktop or notebook computer in absence of user.
* Does not require any additional hardware and software.
* Invisible from desktop and other windows program.
* Freeware download demo edition available with inbuilt help option.
* Not degrade system performance.