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Copy and paste - with your mouse!

AutoClip Mini automatically copies content you select with your mouse to the Windows clipboard, while pasting is accomplished by simply clicking a mouse button (the middle button by default). You can also configure it to automatically copy content selected with Ctrl + A and with Shift plus a Left Mouse Button click, enabling you quickly copy large portions of content.

AutoClip Mini is meant to be as transparent as possible so you can continue working normally, yet offers many very powerful features and lots of configuration options. Some of the feature highlights are:

* Portable
* Automatically copy selected content from almost any program window
* Paste at the system caret or mouse cursor position
* Independently select which cursors can be used for copying and pasting
* Notification option lets you know when something was copied
* Easily control AutoClip Mini with custom hot-keys
* Automatic and manual update checking
* Start with Windows
* User definable hot-keys to automate functions
* Highly configurable, yet intuitive and unobtrusive
* 100% Freeware!