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Are you stuck for content for your website?
Do you find it difficult to increase the number of pages available to your readers?
Want to increase your Adsense earnings?

Most people know that free content is available from Article directories. If you're not one of them...well...now you know! But finding articles that suit the theme of your site can be time consuming. And then you have to mess about copying and pasting the article contents into a format that suits your web theme. It all takes time. Imagine doing that day after day, week after week, month after month. And you have to keep checking the directories for new articles. Think of all the time that would take!

-Get a list of all the most recently added articles
-Search those articles for keywords to get the articles that only interest you
-View those articles so you can check they're suitable for your website
-Turn those articles into HTML or PHP webpages that you can upload to your website