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FilenameFilters you can use in your own Java programs with
File.list( FilenameFilter f ). They can also be used
standalone as fancy dir commands.

They come with Java source and include:

AllDirectoriesFilter gets all directories
AllFilesFilter gets all files
ClamFilter simple wildcard
DirListFilter gets a list of directories
EndsWithFilter gets files whose names end with a given string.
EverythingFilter gets everything
ExtensionListFilter gets files matching a list of extensions
FileLengthFilter gets short or long files
FileListFilter gets a list of files
(used to be called ListFilter)
FilenameLengthFilter gets short or long filenames
JunkFilter used to find junk files by name, extension,
startsWith or endsWith lists.
MultiFilter combines other Filters with
"consider", "must" and "never".
NoFootFilter includes *.html but excludes *.foot.html
RecentFilter filters based on lastModified date
RegexFilter filters with Regex expressions.
StandAndEndWithFilter - include/exclude depending on start/endings of filenames
gets files whose names start with a given string.