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Quickly discover the source of your website's sales or sign-ups. Once you load your server logs into ConverTastic's database, you will be able to rapidly discover how your customers found your site. With that data, you can fine-tune your advertising. It used to be that the server logs of a busy website were too large to easily organize and use for this kind of research. ConverTastic streamlines the whole process, and reduces the time required from hours to minutes. Each morning, all that you need to do is download the previous day's log file, drag-and-drop it onto ConverTastic's Import window, and you are done. ConverTastic can easily manage huge amounts of data. When you make a conversion, all that you need to do is paste in the customer's IP address and click the search button. Most conversions can be researched in less than 60 seconds. For more complicated searches, such as when a customers is on a dial-up connection, has his browser set to reject cookies, etc., ConverTastic offers unlimited search capabilities to find the original referring website. The ConverTastic web pages include an extensive tutorial, with video demos, on the details of server logs, and conversion tracking.